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A powerful new union of music and art is upon us, as Scott Ian and SceneFour unveil a collection of visual works on canvas built from guitar performance. Crafted from time, space and movement, each piece in this collection transcends the sonic to showcase a unique dimension to the instrument, a visual one.

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Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and Los Angeles art team SceneFour have teamed up to release “One Inch Punch,” a collection of fine art built from guitar performance. The release, slated for October 11, 2018, is a pioneering effort aimed at bringing the movement of a guitarist on the fretboard into the realm of visual art. Each canvas is available in highly limited editions.

The project was completed in Los Angeles in 2018 and made possible through an innovative glove that SceneFour conceptualized to accurately notate how various guitar players interpret note choice as they perform. A sophisticated process from start to finish, it begins with light tracking each finger as it hits the fret.

SceneFour is no stranger to releasing collections with musical visionaries. Best known for collections featuring legendary drummers building abstract artwork from their movement behind the drum kit, “One Inch Punch” is a robust effort to put a visual aspect to instrumentation.

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About SceneFour

To create the artwork, Scott Ian collaborated with art team/publisher SceneFour. Based in Los Angeles, SceneFour is comitted to the creation and release of collaborative artwork with music visionaries.

The mediums of rhythm-on-canvas and guitar-on-canvas are the cornerstones of SceneFour’s creative history. For more details on SceneFour’s history, visit